Thursday, May 25, 2006

Setting up Sun's JET for dhcp boot and install

This entry will describe setting up JET (using version 4.3.1) to enable sparc clients to boot using dhcp. Booting x86 clients will be tackled and posted in a later blog.

1: Download and install Jet.

The latest version of JET can be downloaded from:

and documentation/resources on:

Install the jet toolkit into /opt/SUNWjet:

# pkgadd -d jet.pkg

This will create the directory structure in /opt/SUNWjet and also create a sample template in the Templates directory.

2: Setup Jumpstart.conf

Before loading the Solaris or Product media, we first need to set the jumpstart.conf file and create the necessary directories for the media and software we're going to install. Jumpstart.conf lives in /opt/SUNWjet/etc and sets the following variables:

JS_DHCP_VENDOR="SUNW.Ultra-5_10 SUNW.Ultra-30 SUNW.Sun-Fire-V440"

In this particular setup, I'm going to install the Solaris 10 Sparc media into /u01/install directory, my packages into /u01/install/pkg and patches into /u01/install/patch. These directories need creating once jumpstart.conf has been updated:

# mkdir -p /u01/install/pkg
# mkdir -p /u01/install/patch

The other changes required are to setup the jumpstart server to accept DHCP boot requests from clients:


and also the machine type which will be used to setup the dhcp client macro class. In this example, I'm booting a Sun Fire V440. Platform types can be found in /platform on any Solaris server:

JS_DHCP_VENDOR="SUNW.Ultra-5_10 SUNW.Ultra-30 SUNW.Sun-Fire-V440"

3: Use the Jet utilities to copy in the Solaris Media

Once setup, we can now copy in the Solaris media. In this example, I was using a copy of the Solaris 10 01/06 DVD. Use the copy_solaris_media in /opt/SUNWjet/bin to copy the media into the /u01/install directory. The subdirectory for the media is specified by passing the -d flag to the copy_solaris_media utility:

# ./copy_solaris_media -d 10-0106s /cdrom/sol_10_106_sparc/s0

Once this is complete, you can check whether the copy has been successful by running list_solaris_locations:

# ./list_solaris_locations
Version Location
------- --------
10 /u01/install/10-0106s

The version tag is used to identify which OS is installed on your client, defined by the base_config_ClientOS variable set in the client template, but more of that later.

4: Use the JET utilities to copy in the Solaris product media.

The JET package bundle comes with some base modules in addition to the base_config product (which installs the OS). These include:

custom - for customising client builds
jass - for hardening client builds
vts - virtual hardware tester
san - the Sun SAN packages
explo - for Sun Explorer
zones - for Solaris zones modules
flash - for building from flash archives
sds - for setting up SDS metadevices

In my custom client build, I will be installing vts and explo, so will use the JET utility, copy_product_media to copy in the vts and explo software:

# ./copy_product_media vts 6.1 /u01/software/vts sparc
Transferring sunwvtsts package instance
Transferring sunwvts package instance
Transferring sunwvtsmn package instance
Transferring sunwvtsr package instance

Packages copied.

# ./copy_product_media explo 5.4 /u01/software/explo sparc
Transferring sunwexplo package instance
Transferring sunwexplu package instance

Packges copied.

This will copy the product media into the:


directory structure, which will be used by the post_install scripts as the source location of the product to be installed. If a version of the software is not supported, for example, Explorer 5.4 had not been added to the toolkit, the module's package.matrix file can be updated to reflect the new version.

5: Use the JET utilities to copy in custom product media.

For this client installation, I plan on installing a couple of Solaris freeware packages, lsof and sudo. These can be added to the custom product directory using the copy_custom_packages utility, an example of adding lsof is shown below.

# ./copy_custom_packages /u01/software/freeware/lsof-4.76-sol10-sparc-local sparc SMClsof
Transferring smclsof package instance
Packages copied

This package can then be installed on the client by entering the name of the package into one of the custom_package template variables.

6: Setup DHCP.

This jumpstart configuration will setup a local dhcp server on the jumpstart server. This is the easiest configuration and safe because the dhcp server will only respond to those clients which are configured for jumpstart.

The first task is to setup the local dhcp server, fortunately, this has been done for you in a script /opt/SUNWjet/Products/base_config/solaris/make_dhcp. The file first needs updating to include the network which you plan on jumpstarting on.

Set the network variables defined in the script and execute to create the basic dhcp server service with network macro.


# ./make_dhcp
Created DHCP configuration file.
Created dhcptab.
Added "Locale" macro to dhcptab.
Added server macro to dhcptab - s1prdmgt01.
DHCP server started.
Added network macro to dhcptab -
Created network table.

The basic dhcp server can be checked by running:

# dhtadm -P
Name Type Value
================================================== Macro :Subnet=
s1prdmgt01 Macro :Include=Locale:Timeserv=
Locale Macro :UTCoffst=0:


# svcs dhcp-server
online 14:19:59 svc:/network/dhcp-server:default

7: Create the client template.

The first template I normally build just contains the base_config module (the default module) and installs the minimum Solaris metacluster. The initial requirement is just to get the boot net and install working, we can customize the build later. From my experience, it is much wiser to build up the Solaris image using each module, rather than attempting to do an initial build using the sample template which is created.

# ./make_template v440 base_config
Adding product configuration information for
+ base_config
Updating base_config template specifics
Client template created in /opt/SUNWjet/Templates

Filling in the template is self explanatory, I'll concentrate on the most important variables:

base_config_client_allocation="bootp dhcp grub"

defines how the client is going to boot on the network. We're going to configure our client to boot dhcp, so set this appropriately.


defines which disk is used to install the image onto. The default is rootdisk. which normally detects the default disk, if it doesn't it can be defined here.

8: Make the client template.

The next step is to populate the client configuration directory using the make_client utility in /opt/SUNWjet/bin: The -f flag can be used to force an overwrite of a previous configuration. However, this will not remove the dhcp client configuration. To achieve this, use the remove_client utility.

At this stage, we're also populating the dhcp tables with our client information and vendor type which will be booting on the network using dhcp.

# remove_client v440
Gathering network information..
Client: (
Server: (, SunOS)
Solaris: client_deallocate_dhcp.SunOS

# make_client -f v440
Gathering network information..
Client: (
Server: (, SunOS)
Solaris: client_prevalidate
Clean up /etc/ethers
Solaris: client_build
Creating sysidcfg
WARNING: no base_config_sysidcfg_timeserver specified using JumpStart server
Creating profile
Adding base_config specifics to client configuration
Solaris: Configuring JumpStart boot for v440
Starting SMF services for JumpStart
Solaris: Configure DHCP build
Adding install client
Supporting VENDOR=SUNW.Ultra-5_10 SUNW.Ultra-30 SUNW.Sun-Fire-V440
Configuring v440 macro
Using local dhcp server
DHCP configuration complete
Running '/opt/SUNWjet/bin/check_client v440'
Client: (
Server: (, SunOS)
Checking product base_config/solaris
Check of client v440
-> Passed....

8: Boot the client.

From the okay prompt, boot the client:

{0} ok boot net:dhcp - install

SC Alert: Host System has Reset
Probing system devices
Probing memory
ChassisSerialNumber 0546AL653A
Probing I/O buses

Sun Fire V440, No Keyboard
Copyright 1998-2004 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
OpenBoot 4.16.4, 4096 MB memory installed, Serial #65405365.
Ethernet address 0:3:ba:e6:1:b5, Host ID: 83e601b5.

Rebooting with command: boot net:dhcp - install
Boot device: /pci@1c,600000/network@2:dhcp File and args: - install
/pci@1c,600000/network@2: 1000 Mbps full duplex link up
4000 /pci@1c,600000/network@2: 1000 Mbps full duplex link up
boot: lookup /dhcp/OS_10/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot failed
SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_118822-25 64-bit
Copyright 1983-2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.

The client *should* boot, mount the Solaris image and install.


1. When performing a boot net:dhcp - install, this error is returned. The dhcp service is not running and needs to be restarted.

TFTP server's IP address not known!

Boot load failed

{1} ok

restart the dhcp-service:

# svcadm restart dhcp-server

2. If the install goes interactive and prompts for confirmation of the time, it may be because the time service on the jumpstart server has been disabled. This assumes of course you're using the jumpstart server as the time source!

Enable the time source by:

# svcadm enable time:stream

and if using tcp_wrappers check that clients are able to connect to the service by updating /etc/hosts.allow


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